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Frequently asked questions about parties.

As of 2021 when we open to the public, ALL attending non party guests except infants, will be charged an admission fee to enter the facility. This is due to the new capacity and disinfecting policies. 

1. How do I reserve a party?

You may book online 24 hours a day or call the facility at (716) 646-5867 during office hours Monday ~ Friday 11 am to 5 pm to speak with the party coordinator. You can call and leave a message with the best time to call back and we will make every effort to return your call at your preferred time.

2. Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes. A $60.00 non refundable deposit is required to reserve your Bounce Magic Experience party and $100.00 deposit for our Family Party Dinner. Any party trays that are ordered for your party require an additional $10.00 deposit each. Party tray deposits are not refundable. All deposits will be deducted from your party bill. The balance is due at the end of your party.

3. Can we come in early?

Up to 15 minutes. As these are currently private parties, the door will be open once we are ready for you.

Post Covid-19 we will revert to this answer.

You may arrive the beginning of the session of your scheduled party. If you are bringing in party decorations, you may drop them off at the facility prior to your party and we will be happy to have it all set up for your arrival! Balloons requiring helium will incur an additional fee.

4. What do I need to bring?

Decorative paper products and a balloon bouquet are included with your party package. Bring in your own cake, cupcakes, ice cream, or ice cream cake, etc. No other outside food is allowed i.e. pizza, McDonald's, etc. You can bring in your own candles, goody bags and Mylar balloons for your party or ask us about what we have. We have ice cream cups, candles, happy birthday Mylar balloons and goody bags available to complete your party package.

5. What is included with my private party package?

During the Covid-19 situation, see Covid-19 Private Party Click Here

Post Covid-19 we will revert to this answer.

All party packages include invitations, 2 hours in your party area with a host or hostess, decorative paper products, cutlery and a balloon bouquet (not to be removed or dismantled). Each child receives a slice of pizza, tokens, and we serve unlimited fountain drink beverages for both the children and adults.  Food, token amounts and goody bags vary depending on which party package you choose. There's a special gift for the birthday child. Also see Covid-19 Private Party Click Here

Additional pizza, wings, chicken fingers, sub tray and any menu items can be ordered the day of your party. Delicious party trays are also available like a cheese and fruit tray, veggie tray or a taco dip.These must be ordered 48 hours prior to your party and require an additional non refundable $10.00 deposit.

6. Can I bring in any chips or additional food for my party?

Sorry, no. You are not allowed to bring in any consumables other than your cake and ice cream. Bounce Magic may, upon manager approval, allow certain food due to food allergies or dietary restrictions. This allowance is for the sole consumption of the person/persons with said restrictions and not to be shared with others. A food waiver must be signed.

7. If I want to order a Party Tray like a Veggie Tray or Taco Dip, how much notice do you need?

We would appreciate a 48 hour notice. We shop specifically for the ingredients to make every party tray fresh and delicious for your party. We require an additional non refundable $10.00 deposit per food item per-ordered.

8. Do you have loot bags for my party guests?

Yes, they are available for an additional cost. They are filled with games, treats and toys and are for both boys and girls. They may not be suitable for children under the age of two.

9. When I am counting the people attending the party, who am I paying for?

As of August 1st, 2020 ALL adults attending will be charged an admission fee to attend a party. This is due to the new capacity and disinfecting policies.

During the Covid-19 condition, it will also include sanitation after the event and capacity limitations during the party.

10. If the weather is bad what happens to the party and my deposit?

If the weather causes us to close or the authorities have issued a travel ban or a “No unnecessary travel” in your area, your deposit is safe and can be applied to the rescheduled date or refunded less $5.00 administration fee. However, if the weather in your area causes you to choose not to come in, it will be viewed as a cancellation and you will forfeit your deposit.

11. What are my responsibilities?

You are responsible for making your deposit. You are responsible for arriving on time. You must make sure all your guests register online to attend. Party areas are reserved and scheduled for 2 hours. You are the acting responsible adult for the children left in your care during your party. You are responsible for paying the balance due at the end of your party. You may bring in your own cake, cup cakes or special desert.

12. What if I need to reschedule?


You may reschedule at any time prior to the seventh day before your party without losing your deposit or incurring additional fees. If you reschedule inside of the seven days prior to your scheduled date you will lose your initial deposit and an additional deposit will be required.

13. What if I need to cancel?


You may cancel your party at any time up to 7 days prior to the date of your party and receive a refund of your deposit less a $5.00 service fee. If you cancel inside seven days from your scheduled party you will lose your deposit. Rescheduling on the day of the party is also considered a cancellation. No exceptions!

14. Do I tip the host or hostess?

Tips are appreciated! Your host or hostess works hard to make sure you have a smooth running party. We recommend 10% of your total party bill. For example, if your party is $200, a suggested tip would be $20. If you're happy with the service you received, let them know it! Our family parties will already have the gratuity built into your final bill.

15. What if I just want to bring a cake in and not reserve a party?

During the Covid-19 situation, we are NOT allowed to offer this option.

Post Covid-19 we will revert to this answer.

Walk in parties are always welcome at Bounce Magic! Each child is $18.99 and includes one (1) adult. Each additional adult is $5.00 plus tax. We'll supply the paper products, a balloon bouquet, and unlimited beverages for the children and adults for 2 hours. Each child will receive an Inflatable Play Pass, a slice of pizza and 10 game tokens. Your party will start when you arrive and end when the session you entered the facility ends. This may NOT guarantee that you get a full two hour party. We suggest that you check the hours of the location you are planning to go to for your walk-in party. There is no refunds after you have started the party or extension into the next session. 

16. After the 2 hour party are the kids allowed to stay and play?

During the Covid-19 situation, we are NOT allowed to offer this option.

Post Covid-19 we will revert to this answer.

With the change to large facilities these new post Covid-19 rules mean we can only allow parties and their guests to stay until the end of the current session. After the two hours is up we do allow your kids to continue to play up till the time we close. However, these couple things will happen.
>You must stay your current area.
>The refills of pop will stop and the remainder of the jug is yours to enjoy.
>We ask that your cake and presents are taken out to the car only once you are ready to leave the facility.

17. Can I have an additional birthday child at the same birthday party?

Yes, for an additional fee you can have a second birthday. Your additional birthday child will receive the same balloon bouquet and special gift. We will treat both kids as special guests of honor.

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