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The New Normal at Bounce Magic.

Bounce Magic is committed to providing a clean and safe place for you and the kids you love to play and have fun. In an effort to comply with the new CDC guidelines of social distancing and keeping things disinfected, Bounce Magic has had to make a few changes. We will now offer private parties only which will help us regulate the number of guests and provide the time necessary to clean and disinfect before each party begins.
Going forward, guests will access Bounce Magic thru a gated entrance way. ALL guests will be counted and required to sign in via a digital ticket. We use this for tracing requirements by the health department. This will help us work with the CDC and the Erie County Health Department in the unfortunate event of the need to track any Covid-19 cases linked to the facility thru our staff or guests.

As of March 26th, 2021, we are allowed to open to the public at 25% capacity. You can now buy 'Tickets to Bounce Sessions' online.

Requirements to attend:
>Face Masks on every person over 2yrs old (Can be removed at your table only to eat or drink)
>Socks on at ALL times in bounce houses
>No putting tables together in dining room. (Max 4 per table)
>Must be healthy (Normal Temp, No sickness in family for the passed week)
>Sanitize hands as you enter the facility after the gated area. (Sanitizer will be provided)
>Follow all rules and CDC guidance during your visit. 

If you have any questions about our efforts please call the main number during regular business hours. 

Thank you, friends!

The Bounce Magic Team


It is our belief that with the help of each customer, our kids can have a fun filled time. 

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